Get your fill at Sacramento Regional Restaurant Week

You know what’s awesome? That, in addition to Dine Downtown Restaurant Week and Sacramento Wine & Dine Week, there’s now a third restaurant week to add to the mix: Sacramento Regional Restaurant Week, organized by the California Restaurant Association Sacramento Chapter. I, for one, can never get enough of a delectable dining deal.

And the bonus? It’s actually two weeks long, and it’s happening now. From October 1 through October 14, diners can enjoy $15/person, $30/person, or $40/person meals at select Sacramento restaurants.

Being on the more financially-reticent end of the spectrum, my boyfriend and I ventured to Pete’s Restaurant & Brewhouse (one of my favorite spots) last night, inspired by the $15/person menu listed there, which included:

  • 1/2 order Pete’s Famous Knots
  • Soup or salad
  • A small, two-topping pizza
  • A scoop of vanilla bean ice cream (insider tip: if you ask nicely they’ll give you chocolate sauce)

Now, being the hungry person that I was at the time and, based on previous fixed-price menu experiences, we decided we’d each order the $15/person option. Expecting a couple knots, a side salad, and a lunch-sized personal pizza, I was immensely surprised to receive six knots, a full salad, and actually a small pizza — none of that “personal” business.

With plenty of food for two people included in just one $15/person order, we both left sated, and with more-than-enough left overs. Perhaps we’ll share one order next go-around, or perhaps we’ll stick with this steal of a deal and remain full for days to come!

You can see a list of all participating restaurants here. Go out and get eating!


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