Enter CORE Dance Collective’s “The Doorway” & be enchanted

CORE Dance Collective's "The Doorway." Photo by Bruce Patt.

A dancer from the “Garden” scene of CORE Dance Collective’s “The Doorway.”
Photo by Bruce Patt.

Although this weekend’s remaining shows are sold out, you need to put CORE Dance Collective’s The Doorway on your radar for its next incarnation. Currently in its third season, The Doorway takes the audience on a tour through an old Victorian house. Set to alternately ethereal and pumping electronic music (think Apparat, Ellen Allien, Bjork, The Presets, etc.), this contemporary dance performance is eerie, elegant, and captivating.

And, the scene is set before you even walk into the theatre. Dancers dressed in costume greet you, silently, at the door. The lobby is decorated with Victorian ephemera — dolls, dresses, decor — creating a sense of intrigue about one is about to experience. Once the show starts, that intrigue only builds, holding you captive until the final curtain falls.

Using simple objects such as doors, chairs, and picture frames as props makes for flowing, engaging scenes that pair well with the fluidity of the dancers’ moves. The colorful, Victorian-era-inspired costuming gives character to the dancers and mirrors their powerful, vibrant movements.

If you’re lucky enough to have tickets for this weekend’s final shows: you’re in for a treat. Be sure to follow CORE Dance Collective on Facebook to keep up with their happenings and be first in line for the next performance of The Doorway.

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