Getting techie with Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak. Photo by Jonathan Alcorn (

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple.
Photo by Jonathan Alcorn.

Mondavi Center’s Jackson Hall filled with technology enthusiasts last night, in attendance for In Conversation with Steve Wozniak, part of Mondavi’s Distinguished Speakers series. Chatting with Enrique Lavernia, dean of the UC Davis College of Engineering, Wozniak told the tale of his life-long passion for computers, the founding of Apple, his current philanthropic work, his views on the technology industry, and other such pursuits.

The bonus of theseĀ In Conversation events is that, near the end, the floor is opened up to questions from the audience, as well as pre-submitted guest questions, giving a more personal, interactive event experience.

The Distinguished Speakers series is a sure shot for an inspiring evening. Upcoming events in the Distinguished Speakers series include Harry Belafonte on Jan 17 and In Conversation with Ira Glass (moderated by Daniel Handler) on May 18.

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