7 unique Sacramento events this November

We’ve only a little less than two months left in the year—just enough time to get funky fresh! I’ve scoped out our website for some of the more uncommon events in Sacramento this month for those of us who feel like trying something out of the ordinary. Start your New Year’s resolution early this year by stepping out of your comfort zone and into one of these unparalleled events!

1. Tap into your inner yogi.
A month of mayhem may require some calm before the storm. To start things off, head over to the Art of Living Sacramento Center for some Free Meditation. This 30 minute guided mediation will be available every weekday at noon thanks to the generosity of Art of Living Sacramento.


2. Learn a thing or two—about 4-wheel drive! The name of this event is Off the Beaten Path so I really just couldn’t help myself. Come check out this exhibit any day of the month at the California Automobile Museum and discover how a technology developed for war and farming transformed into a take-home source of adventure and sport.

3. Get your kid groovin’. It would be selfish to go out and try these new things all on your lonesome; think of the children! Take your son or daughter out to ArtBeast Children’s Studio any Wednesday morning this month to be a part of a Drum Circle. That’s right, when I said we were getting funky fresh I wasn’t kidding around!

4. Experiment with new music. Have you ever listened to experimental/theosophical crunk music? Neither have I! Head over to Fox & Goose Public House on Friday, Nov 16 and check out Master Morya who was born in the heart of the blazing sun.


5. Party like a flapper. Here’s another wonderful event for those of you are into learning—and getting down on some giggle water. Head over to River City Saloon on Saturday, Nov 17 to engage in an Old Sacramento Speakeasy Tour. Your guide will take you to all the hottest drinking spots from the prohibition era and give you a little know-how on why Sacramento was considered one of the wettest cities in the union.


6. Dress up like a dead hooker and dance. Did I stutter? Get your little romp over to Shenanigans on Saturday, Nov 24 for the Dead Hookers Ball. As you might have guessed, the theme and dress code of the night will be zombie hookers. Men are encouraged to come as either zombies or zombie pimps.


7. Improvise.
Take some time to laugh at ComedySportz on Thursday, Nov 15 with Mayhem: Improv Comedy. The night will feature comedians going for comedy gold completely unscripted. What can be more sporadic than that?

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen: 7 ways to experience something new this month. One of my best friends once told me, “If you ever want to get out of a slump, just think about where you wouldn’t be, and then go there.” His advice has never let me down. So get out there my pretties! Explore the vast and glorious world of Sacramento!

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