Evening Recap: Verge’s TV Dinner

Verge Center for the Arts was transformed into a sit-down restaurant for their “TV Dinner” fundraising event on Thursday, November 8, 2012. Photo by Rachael Lankford.

We squeezed in to a full house last night for Verge Center for the Arts’ deliciously divine TV Dinner event. Seated among fashionable folks dressed in their finest mid-century garb, we ate our way through three courses of TV-show-inspired concoctions (beef tartare for the Rawhide appetizer course; kale & beet salad for Green Acres; and pork, banana-leaf-wrapped rice, and banana mustard for the Hawaii Five-O finisher).

The sit-down courses were followed by an equally TV-show-inspired dessert table, featuring gelatin-based treats, aptly titled Mr. Ed. (Though bottles of Elmer’s Glue adorned the table, Chef Michael Thiemann assured guests that no horses were hurt in the making of the meal.)

During the whole event, films and TV clips curated by Verge artists projected on to the walls, and a DJ set the soundtrack.

Funds from this dinner go to support Verge. Further contributions can be made through their Kickstarter campaign.

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