Sac365 vows to Cut Our Cubes

In June 2012, the Cut Your Cubes campaign launched by building a large, 30-foot-tall cube in the heart of downtown Sacramento on K Street. The cube represented a single metric ton of carbon dioxide gas — if the invisible gas was confined in one space.This was an  interesting way to visualize our carbon footprint and attracted lots of media buzz.

What really caught my attention was the announcement last month of an upcoming scavenger hunt to promote the campaign: Cut Your Cubes Scavenger Hunt. I immediately thought, “What a great team building event opportunity!” We could have fun together and represent our site, all while learning about and promoting green living and sustainability here in Sacramento — win, win, win!

Although only two of our actual Sac365 team members were available to participate, my boyfriend was happy to join us in the fun. The scavenger hunt was last Saturday, November 10 and we had a blast. Here are some highlights:

Photo by Rachael Lankford

We climbed to the top of a downtown parking garage to get this sweet shot of Sacramento’s Tree Canopy.

Photo by Rob Brundage

Pausing for shade along “The Kay,” we admired the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament.

Photo by Rob Brundage

Here we are admiring the “Blue Trees” exhibit on 12th Street and its representation of living sustainable and appreciating our bounty of trees.

We even had to buy a drink to get some points (non-alcoholic options available) — go team!

Photo by Rachael Lankford

Some of our clues even required us to be a little surreptitious…(apparently some carpooling citizens do not want their pictures taken!)

In the end, we completed all but eight of the clues (there were over 30 of them!) and settled in at 7th place with 1200 points. I do want to point out that we were one of the few teams attempting this feat on foot, so I wonder where we would be if we had bikes like the other teams? Next time…

We can boast a bit, however, as we were awarded “Best Team Spirit” (one of only four awards) due to our lovely matching Sac365 t-shirts and clothing plastered with our shiny new Sac365 stickers. Gift baskets were awarded as prizes and were filled with cool stuff like reusable water bottles, tire gauges, gift certificates to sponsor restaurants (Mayahuel & Pizza Rock), and more.

Fear not: if you missed this delightfully good time, there are plans to have another one next year to see how sustainable we still are (or have become). Keep an eye out by following the Cool Sacramento team on Facebook.

Cut Your Cubes is a sub-campaign of the Cool California Challenge, where eight California cities compete to reduce their community-wide carbon footprints and build more vibrant and sustainable communities.

Sacramento is currently ranked #4 but with your help we can get to #1, sign up for the Cool California Challenge today and let’s get sustainable!Cool California Challenge Rankings


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