“Come meet those dancing feet” as “42nd Street” takes you to Broadway!


Runaway Stage Productions has done it! They have assembled a spectacular musical production and it goes by the name of 42nd Street. A must see, 42nd Street tells the story of Peggy Sawyer, a young, ambitious dancer who wants to make it on Broadway.

At first, she arrives late to auditions for the newest Julian Marsh production, and finds that the show has been filled. It is there that she meets Billy Lawlor, whom she leaves quite an impression on before she bolts out the door, leaving her purse behind.

When she returns for her purse, she makes friends with one of the writers and the chorus line girls and, as luck would have it, she dances her way into the play when the casting director sees her dancing with the chorus line. The rest of the play unfolds into an extraordinary tale of Peggy Sawyer’s journey performing in her first Broadway show and the ultimate path to achieving her Broadway dreams.

Audience members will find themselves enthralled with Peggy’s innocence, sweet nature, and determination to become a star. Far more talented than she perhaps even realizes, actress Amy Jacques-Jones portrays a young woman as she is coming into her own and facing the bumps that pave the road along her way. Jacques-Jones will stun audiences with her incredible voice, charming acting, and her impeccable dancing (she is the co-choreographer of the show after all).

The cast that joins her on stage will be sure to catch your attention and force you to jump to your feet for a standing ovation in their thoroughly deserved honor! The supporting cast features Nathan Lacy as Julian Marsh, Rebecca Yarbrough as Dorothy Brock, Timothy Stewart as Billy Lawlor, Wendy Carey as Maggie Jones, Randall Costa as Bert Barry, Hal DuBiel as Pat Denning, and many others.

Not to mention, there is an incredible orchestra that performs live throughout the play accompanying the actors as they sing beautiful classics such as, “Dames,” “Young and Healthy,” “Lullaby of Broadway,” and of course, the play’s iconic song, “Forty-Second Street.”

42nd Street plays on the Broadway Stage of the 24th Street Theatre until May 5, with showtimes on Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm, and ticket prices ranging from $18-$25. Tickets are available by calling the Runaway Stage Productions Box Office at (916) 207-1226, or online.

Coming up in the Runaway Stage’s Broadway Stage season are: The Wizard of Oz (July 5-July 28), How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (Sept 6-Sept 29), and Spamalot (Nov 8-Dec 1).


One thought on ““Come meet those dancing feet” as “42nd Street” takes you to Broadway!

  1. What a delightful review! It is nice to know about the arts and theater in Sacramento. After living there for 25 years, your reviews remind me of the fun times I enjoyed in Sac.
    Rob and Arlene Ingram
    Paradise, Ca

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