Tasty treats to beat the heat: 5 desserts for under $5

Photo by Star5112 under Creative Commons.

Photo by Star5112 under Creative Commons.

Tired of the climbing Sacramento heat? Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth and cool down at the same time, but don’t want to break the bank? Well then I’ve got just the treats for you! As we jump into the beginning of another sizzling Sacramento summer wouldn’t it be great to dive into, say, a refreshing bowl of ice cream at one of Sacramento’s many dessert hot-spots (no literal diving, of course. Stick to the pools for the diving). Check out these delicious icy goodies in the Midtown/East Sacramento area that are sure to keep you cool and help you save a few bucks for that summer vacation.

Rick's Dessert Diner. Photo by Bob Van Noy via ricksdessertdiner.com

Rick’s Dessert Diner. Photo by Bob Van Noy via ricksdessertdiner.com.

Rick’s Dessert Diner (2322 K Street):
One of Sacramento’s most prized dessert places, Rick’s Dessert Diner in the heart of Midtown is most well-known for its ’50s vibe and selection of delectable cakes, pies, cheesecakes, tarts, and tortes. But I believe some of the unsung heroes of this diner to be the ice cream creations and Italian soda beverages with prices to make them all the more delicious. While Rick’s Dessert Diner only offers five ice cream flavors, that seems to be all they need for such treats as the banana split, which, if you’re willing to splurge a little at $5.75, will certainly hit the spot. And if you’re looking for something refreshing don’t miss out on the Italian sodas, a delicious $2.75, with a creamy quality and ice-filled goodness to give you all the summer cooling down you’ll need.

La Bombe Ice Cream via labombeicecream.com.

La Bombe Ice Cream via labombeicecream.com.

La Bombe Ice Cream & More (3020 H Street):
When you hear of a place called La Bombe how can you not try their signature item of the same name? Les Bombes Glacés, traditional French domed ice cream confections, give you not only the opportunity to flex your French language muscles but also a delicious dessert with ice cream, cookie wafers, and jams galore. The adorably named little bombes fall at just $4.95 and are great to enjoy by yourself or share with another. And, if you’re just in the mood for a simple ice-cream cone, check-out La Bombe’s list of 20 different flavors of Gunther’s Ice Cream™ at just $2.75 for a single scoop and $4.35 for a double. La Bombe Ice Cream & More is sure to satisfy any dessert need from a French confection to a classic ice cream treat. Bon Appetit!

What's the Scoop? Ice Cream & More, via What's the Scoop's Facebook.

What’s the Scoop? Ice Cream & More, via What’s the Scoop’s Facebook.

What’s the Scoop? Ice Cream & More (6350 Folsom Blvd):
Well I’ll tell you what the scoop is: all kinds of delicious icy treats! As soon as you walk into What’s the Scoop? you are confronted with a case chock-full of chocolate covered goodies, anywhere from chocolate-covered bananas to good ol’ fashioned drumsticks. But don’t stop there! Explore further in and you’ll find a case of Gunther’s Ice Cream™, delicious sundaes, and shaved ice. Even with all those tempting goodies, however, I never have been able to pass up on Gunther’s fruit freeze, which I personally believe to be the perfect way to end a summer day, and, at $2.90 for a small and $4.55 for a medium, mighty gentle on the wallet. The only downfall I’ve found is that What’s the Scoop? rests right next to my gym, but I can’t think of a better reward after a tough workout.

Vic's Ice Cream. Photo by Lauren Luedtke.

Vic’s Ice Cream. Photo by Lauren Luedtke.

Vic’s Ice Cream (3199 Riverside Blvd):
To once again journey back to the ’50s dessert scene, Vic’s Ice Cream offers all the great 1950s desserts you could possibly ask for. With double scoop ice cream dishes available for $4.15 you might forget you’re in the high-priced 21st century. But what I can’t resist at Vic’s are the delectable milkshakes with a combined rich and refreshing flavor to make those climbing summer temperatures forgettable, and a small shake at $4.70 and a regular at $5.70 is pretty refreshing as well. Vic’s Ice Cream has the cute, friendly feel of a traditional ’50s restaurant with delicious treats thrown in.

Big Spoon Yogurt in East Sacramento. Photo by Lauren Luedtke.

Big Spoon Yogurt in East Sacramento. Photo by Lauren Luedtke.

Big Spoon Yogurt (3644 J Street):
Finally, who can forget the simplicity, yet incredible deliciousness, of frozen yogurt? I certainly can’t, and that’s where Big Spoon Yogurt comes in. With a wall of delicious frozen yogurts ranging from chocolate to mango, from non-fat to non-dairy flavors, it’s easy to see how you can walk out with ounces and ounces of frozen yogurt (luckily it’s only 40 cents per ounce). Then you spot the wall of syrups, sauces, chocolate bar crumbs, and candy and suddenly you’re in frozen yogurt heaven. With one of the various locations set in East Sac, Big Spoon Yogurt reminds you that you don’t need to spend a fortune to have satisfy the summer cravings.


From the old favorites of ice cream cones, milkshakes, and banana splits to frozen yogurt and fancy French confections these Sacramento dessert hot-spots are sure to please. With the oncoming summer heat there is no better way to relax then with some delicious iced goodies. So grab some ice cream, put the wallet to rest, and enjoy the sun!


One thought on “Tasty treats to beat the heat: 5 desserts for under $5

  1. This ice cream is unbelievably good. Perhaps one of the best treats of early summer would be to serve A Very Easy One Crust Gooseberry Pie accompanied by home-made ice cream: what a combination!

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