Experience the simpler days of Sacramento with Old Sac’s Time Travel Weekends

Travel back in time in Old Sacramento with Time Travel Weekends, opening June 29 and continuing Saturdays & Sundays through August 25. Photo by Howard Gold.

Travel back in time in Old Sacramento with Time Travel Weekends, continuing Saturdays & Sundays through August 25. Photo by Howard Gold.

No travel plans for the summer? Well, how about traveling back in time? And no, you won’t need to rev up the time machine. Every weekend this summer in Old Sacramento, thanks to Time Travel Weekends, you’ll have an opportunity to step back all the way to Sacramento circa 1850s and experience everything from the Gold Rush to your favorite Victorian melodies to creating your very own old-fashioned crafts.

And, perhaps the most exciting thing: reminiscent of the Gold Rush days themselves, these events are mighty gentle on the wallet, and in fact completely free! Who says you have to spend the big bucks in order to travel? Instead, spend the summer with the family taking in some old-timey fun and laughs in a place and time like no other.

Photo by Howard Gold.

Photo by Howard Gold.

One of my favorite places in Sacramento has always been Old Sac, mainly because of all the history the place exudes. But, thanks to the rallies taking place on the boardwalk as part of the Time Travel Weekends, I got to see the history being played out before my eyes. The actors perform these abolition rallies with such gusto you may just feel yourself to be a citizen of 1850s Sacramento, sans the Victorian clothing. Even if you’re simply strolling along the infamous cobble-stone roads of Old Sac, you’re sure to catch these high-energy performances.

Maybe in the mood for a little song, dance, and humor during your Old Sac adventures? Then you won’t want to miss performances at the Academy of Victorian Activities. Partake in this outside theatrical event as spunky women sing, dance, and even joke a little with the audience. If you’re anything like me you won’t be able to stop smiling during this romping good time. And you may just become part of the performance!

When you’re through taking in a show you can stay put, grab the kids, and participate in making some corn-husk dolls or even button whizzers and thaumatropes. If those items are any bit as fun to make as they are to say you will have an awesome time. The Academy of Victorian Activities certainly delivers a fun-filled day, providing laughs and crafts for the entire family.

Head into the Eagle Theatre for indoor theatrical performances during Time Travel Weekends. Photo by Howard Gold.

Head into the Eagle Theatre for indoor theatrical performances during Time Travel Weekends. Photo by Howard Gold.

Wanting even more free theatre with your Sacramento history? Then you’re in store for a fun day at the Eagle Theatre. This theatre, being a reconstruction of the first building erected in California as a theatre, reminds you of what it was like for those theatre-going Sacramentans of the 19th century.

In addition to the opportunity to see this astounding structure, and a chance to get out of the Sacramento sun, you’ll get to view Gold Rush era variety acts complete with music from Wild Bill Mylar and a friendly atmosphere that puts you right in the good ol’ days.

Photo by Lauren Luedtke.

An Old Sacramento expert, dressed in 1850s garb, introduces the show at Time Travel Weekends. Photo by Lauren Luedtke.

Plus, something just as fun as the performances themselves is the show before the show! As you wait in the lobby of the theatre, an Old Sacramento expert gives you a run-down on the history of the beloved city, all the while sporting his sheriff’s badge, pocket watch, and hat, asking the audience “Does anyone have any questions about what it was like for us during those times?” I highly recommend coming with a few questions ready to fire off because, even with my years of learning about Sacramento in school, there are such fascinating things I never knew about this city. Free theatre, music, and dance, and a lot of history — you can’t go wrong at the Eagle Theatre.

These Time Travel Weekends offered in Old Sacramento give you the opportunity to experience the Sacramento you’ve always wanted to know, and prove you don’t need to break open the piggy bank to have a memorable summer. Through the variety of performance, rallies, riots, and hands-on activities everyone from ages 3-93 will find something to enjoy. Step away from the stress of summer planning and let Old Sac do the traveling for you.

Time Travel Weekends continues with special shows and performances every summer weekend through August 25, Saturdays and Sundays 11am-5pm. View the weekend line-up and special Time Travel Weekends events here.

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