Shhhhh… I’m Goin’ Country This Week

Brodie Stewart BandConfession: I’m a closeted country girl.

Although my Spotify playlists are a filled to the brim with rock ‘n roll, hip hop and cheesy Euro Pop, country music has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. I’m not sure if it’s the kickin’ guitar and fiddle arrangements, the (mostly) heartfelt lyrics or the twang that appeals to me most, what I do know is that a good country song can lift my spirits. And this Thursday I’ll definitely be in a good mood attending Brodie Stewart Band‘s latest gig at Folsom’s PowerHouse Pub.

Raised in the Bay Area and Sacramento, our local country boy initially entered the music industry as a southern rocker, touring the nation in sold out arenas, but found his love for country music to be stronger. Ever since, he has worked tirelessly writing and producing songs for his eponymous band and for other artists — including Enrique Iglesias’ “Sweet Isabel.”

The hard work is paying off. The Brodie Stewart Band has been promoting his album “Born American” up and down the West Coast, opening up for Blues Traveler, Lonestar, Casey James and Easton Corbin. Critics applaud the band’s high octane shows and his single “Fine Lookin’ Country Girl” is now streaming on Pandora.

If you’re looking for honesty, passion and a good time, join this county girl at the PowerHouse Pub Thursday night at 10pm. For more details or to grab your tickets, visit the Sacramento365 event page.

***This blog post was written by’s Content and Social Media Coordinator, Jamila B. Khan.


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