Spring Into Wellness

It’s that time of year, folks: time to start counting those calories, and dust off the old running shoes. Summer is just around the corner and it seems that everyone is heading back to the gym. (Isn’t it funny how swimsuit and “short shorts” season forces people to buckle down and focus on their health?)

I know I have a lot of work to do to reach my fitness goals, but I have made the conscious decision to start eating right and working out — and to stick with it! While running on the treadmill is pretty effective, I know I need to find other ways to stay active to prevent myself from getting bored. Using Sacramento365.com, I found a number of events that will not only get me moving, but also allow me to explore our great city at the same time!

transferred to Commons by User Xnatedawgx

2014 Fight For Air Climb  participants will run up stairs to make it to the rooftop of the beautiful Wells Fargo Center in downtown Sacramento. (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons user Xnatedawgx)

Climb Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Next Saturday (4/12) marks the fifth year of the Annual Fight for Air Climb and Festival.  Benefiting the American Lung Association, this race will be the climb of your life taking racers up and down the 30-story Wells Fargo Center. Participants can celebrate with live music from Sacramento area musicians, food trucks, and a beer garden at the Capitol Mall. After conquering the skyscraper, I know I won’t feel so guilty about having a beer…or five.

For more Fight for Air Climb information: http://bit.ly/1mzot9v

Bike Trail- Courtesy of Flickr user Matthew Fern

Peak Adventure’s Road Rides will get you familiar with the beautiful American River bike trail. (Photo courtesy of Flickr user Matthew Fern)

Explore Local Bike Trails

Since I live so close to the American River, I try and find time to ride my bike along the beautiful trail, but I sometimes worry about going alone. Luckily, Sacramento State’s Peak Adventures offers bike rides along local trails on select Saturdays each month. Led by an instructor, these rides are a great way to see Sacramento while being active. Parents: These outings are appropriate for everyone ages 9 and older, so bring your kids along for this fun adventure!

For more Road Ride information: http://bit.ly/1gOQQQB

Parker Knight

Thousands will participate in the three-mile March for Babies and festival zone. (Photo courtesy of Flickr user Parker Knight)

Walk For A Good Cause

If you’re like me and prefer walking over running, March for Babies is probably the event for you. On April 26, thousands will gather for this three-mile walk around the West Steps of the Capitol. The inspiring walk through Old Sacramento supports programs that help moms in our community have healthy, full-term pregnancies. At the finish line, there will be a festival zone with live music and even a t-shirt contest. Philanthropy never felt so good.

For more March for Babies information: http://bit.ly/1lnuCFC

Walk a mile in her shoes _ photo courtesy of Flickr user Damien D.

Real men really do wear heels at this Walk A Mile In Her Shoes event, which raises money for victims of sexual violence. (Photo courtesy of Flickr user Damien D.)

Fun Runs For Him And Her

Thanks to WEAVE, Inc., on Sunday, April 27th the Capitol Mall will be filled with more than 700 men who will walk, run (or most likely limp) for one mile while wearing women’s heels! This Walk A Mile In Her Shoes event is not only hilarious, but it will raise money to ensure 24-hour services are available for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. Is it weird if I get jealous of the guys who can walk in heels better than I can?

For more Walk A Mile In Her Shoes information: http://bit.ly/1jBnjKB


These ladies make mud look good as they try and move through one of the several obstacles at the Pretty Muddy Women’s Run. (Photo courtesy of Flickr user Micadew)

While the men get pretty, the ladies will get muddy! May 3rd marks the Pretty Muddy Women’s Run 5K, an adventurous obstacle course mud run for woman! This event is perfect for those of us who want to get outside, spend time with girlfriends and be silly. I know I’ll be rewarding myself afterwards at the epic Finish Line Party, where there will be entertainment, music, drinks, and celebration galore!

For more Pretty Muddy information: http://bit.ly/1i2n4nK

I know that getting into shape is not an easy thing to do, but the best way to stay active is to have fun while doing it! Keep an eye out for my next blog post for more fun, active things to do in Sacramento, as well as an update on my own personal path to wellness! I hope these events help you on your journey, and if you have any stories or ideas about wellness, please share them on my Sac365 Facebook page!

***This blog post was written by Sacramento365.com‘s Content Specialist, Alyssa Sanguinetti.





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