Mapping Out Some Museum Fun

One of Sacramento’s favorite once-a-year events is happening Saturday, February 7! Now in its 17th year, Sacramento Museum Day is the best way to experience all the cultural treasures Sacramento has to offer. Whether you’re looking to spend some time with family or hit the town with friends, there’s a Sacramento museum to fit your tastes. The best part? Most of the participating 25 museums are offering free admission*! As if that wasn’t enough of a reason to spend your Saturday jetting around town, here’s a list of exhibits and activities that I’m most excited to explore and discover:


The Aerospace Museum of California will have an open cockpit day, where you can check out the insides of some of their coolest air crafts.


The California State Railroad Museum presents its latest exhibit, Sculpture with a RE-Purpose: The Found Art of Ray Carrington. Throughout the museum, you’ll see some seriously cool sculptures created from train and railroad parts.

classy cars

Finally I’ll be heading over to the California Automobile Museum to scope out their collection of classic cars.

Of course you can make your own road map to discovery for this year’s Museum Day. There’s tons of diversity in regards to Sacramento museums, so you can experience a little bit of everything if you plan your trip right. Don’t forget to use the the best way to plan out this museum adventure or any other excursion in Sacramento:!

*NOTE: Fairytale Town and the Sacramento Zoo are offering half-priced admission.

***Blog post written by’s Content Specialist, Dylan Fischer.

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