Sports365: A New Season


Spring is in the air and that means it’s safe to be outside again! Celebrate the outdoors by preparing for the return of the River Cats, exploring our surrounding wetlands, and kicking a ball or two!

Winter sports have never been my cup of tea. Sure, if you strap me to a snowboard and push me down a hill I’ll make it to the bottom, but there is no guarantee I’ll be in one piece. That’s why I am extra excited to welcome spring and the return of some of my favorite sports! Celebrate the resurgence of outdoor activity with these fun events.

River Cats Pre-Season Party (3/6) at Raley Field:
The return of spring means you don’t have to wait much longer to get your River Cats fill! Of course, the actual baseball season isn’t until April, but fans of the team can partake in the pre-season party this weekend.

Make sure you stop by Raley Field this Sunday for the ultimate fan experience! If you’ve ever wanted to explore a baseball park free of charge this is your chance. Not sure how you feel about America’s pastime? This event will definitely sway you in the right direction. There are tons of activities that the whole family will love, plus you’ll be able to grab some ballpark treats for free!

Photo courtesy of the River Cats

Photo courtesy of the River Cats

Kids will love the face painters and bounce houses, and of course, everyone’s favorite mascot Dinger will be there hanging out. The ballpark will also be unveiling its Raley Field Gardens, grown by Green Acres! If that isn’t enough action for you, take a swing in the batting cage to help raise some funds for the River Cats Foundation. The On Deck Store will also be open, so you can grab your River Cats swag.

Photo courtesy of the River Cats

Photo courtesy of the River Cats.

Most importantly, the Pre-Season Party will be your first chance to get your hands on River Cats tickets, including the upcoming March 30 exhibition game between the River Cats and the San Francisco Giants!

For more information about the Pre-Season Party, click here.

More events to pounce on:
If you want some more active ways you can celebrate the end of winter,  then check out some of these spry events.

Vernal Pool Critter Walks
Sacramento Splash Education Center
March 6-13
Trek into some local wetlands to check out some local wildlife.

Photo courtesy of Sacramento Splash

Photo courtesy of Sacramento Splash

Super, Super Soccer (CANCELLED)
Gibson Ranch Regional Park
March 13
If regular soccer doesn’t do it for you then this souped-up version definitely will. This game will have two balls on the field at all times, which is sure to stir up some craziness.

Yoga Night
Sacramento State
March 17
If you want a way to break into yoga, then this is the perfect night for you!

Check back with Sports365 in April to see what activities I am most excited for! If you’d like to plan ahead on your own then head over to the Sports section of

***This blog was written by’s Content Specialist, Dylan Fisher.


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