2nd Saturday Roadmap: Roll Out

In honor of May is Bike Month, I’ll be hitting the pavement on my leg-powered two-wheeler to explore Sacramento’s Second Saturday events. Why don’t you grab your bike and join me on this artistic ride?

Bright Start:
To match Saturday’s sunny weather, I’ll start my day with the bright selections featured in the Roland Petersen: The Artist at 90 exhibit. This Elliot Fouts Gallery retrospective showcases the visionary artist’s abstract work from the past seven decades. Afterward, I’ll scuttle around the corner to Sun and Soil Juice Company for a Beta Boom to brighten up my morning even more.

Photo courtesy of the Elliot Fouts Gallery

Photo courtesy of the Elliot Fouts Gallery

Shopn Suds:
My next stop will take me to Fremont Park for the May edition of the River City Marketplace. This market is packed to the gills with trinkets and unique gifts handcrafted by local artists, designers, and, crafters. After perusing the wares, I’ll head up the street to University of Beer to quench my thirst with one (or two) of the 100 beers on tap!

Photo courtesy of River City Marketplace

Photo courtesy of River City Marketplace

Colorful Art and Food:
After a short ride, I’ll reach the R Street District and join WAL Public Market‘s to see Things Whose Purpose Is Slowness from Christie Yuri Noh. Noh’s paintings are full of wonder and contrasting colors. Her paintings range from everyday life to explosions of color over bland backgrounds. After I’ve had my fill of Noh’s works, I’ll be heading to Fish Face to grab their daily poke special.

Photo courtesy of Christie Yuri Noh

Photo courtesy of Christie Yuri Noh

Freaky Deaky Fun:
After a bit of liquid courage from Paragary’s, I’ll make my final pitstop at The TUBE Circus. Promising to bring out the “freaks, geeks, and things you can’t unsee,” this show will definitely be out there: contortionists, acrobats, jugglers, and a variety of performance artists will get you flying your freak flag high with pride.

Photo courtesy of Paragary's

Photo courtesy of Paragary’s

Looking for more 2nd Saturday outings? Check out our 2nd Saturday section on Sacramento365.com!

Whether you follow my map or make your own plans, you can’t go wrong this 2nd Saturday. Whatever you plan to do, make sure to get social with us by using the hashtag #Sacramento365.

***This blog was written by Sacramento365.com’s Content Specialist, Dylan Fisher.

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