5 Reasons to Attend the Sacramento Beer and Chili Festival

The 2014 Sacramento Beer & Chili Festival is coming up this Saturday, April 19, and boy we are getting hungry over here at Sacramento365.com! Sure, it’s probably not going to be a great day for my diet, but when an event title includes both beer AND chili, what’s a girl to do? There are a lot of things to look forward to at this third annual festival, but I’ve identified five great reasons why you and your friends should attend!

Reason #1: Red Hot Chili Samples

Chili_Flickr user Steven Depolo

Getting hungry? This festival will allow guests to sample an unlimited amount of chili throughout the afternoon. (Photo by Flickr user Steven Depolo.)

This year’s cook-off will include four categories — individual, industry, vegetarian, and the People’s Choice. While I won’t be participating in the cook-off, I will gladly test every bowl I can get my hands on. Yum!

Reason #2: It’s For a Good Cause

Did you know this event is actually a fundraiser for the The Sacramento Artists Council? All proceeds will go to art programs that assist at-risk children, children of homeless families, and adopt-a-school art programs in the Sacramento region. Yes, you read that right, we are all invited to get our grub and drink on all for the children!

Reason #3: Fun For The Whole Family

kids zone_ flickr user Phalinn Ooi

Children can hang out at the Kidz Zone and have their face painted at  Fremont Park. (Photo by Flickr user Phalinn Ooi.)

There will be an awesome Kidz Zone where children can make crafts, get their faces painted, and let loose on the playground! While parents enjoy their beer, kids (and designated drivers) will be able to sip on juice from the Metro Juice Company. I apologize in advance for hogging the monkey bars…one day I will make it across!

Reason #4: Great Tunes to Entertain

Local bands Twilight Drifters, Hans Eberbach, As Yet Untitled, and UR-DOM will be rocking the stage throughout the event. WARNING: Just because there is a stage does not mean you are invited to perform on it. Leave it to the professionals, people.

Reason #5: Beer!

Beer_ Courtesy of Sacramento Beer & Chili Fest

More than 25 local breweries will be giving out unlimited tastings to pair with your delicious chili samplings. (Photo courtesy of the Sacramento Beer & Chili Festival.)

Don’t let this pic fool you; your cup will be filled all day long as you sip the day away with unlimited beer tastings. Over 25 local breweries will be there. We were going to make this the number one reason, but we didn’t want you to go running to the park just yet!

Bonus: Pets Are Welcome!

Sac Beer and ChiliDog Picture

Your four-legged friend can join in on the festival fun — as long as he or she is on a leash! (Photo by Flickr user AlbertHerring.)

Friendly and leashed dogs are allowed at the Sacramento Beer & Chili Festival. Cat365.org‘s Sir Meowington approves! (although he is advocating for cat attendance in coming years…)

Find more information about the Sacramento Beer & Chili Festival here.

***This blog post was written by Sacramento365.com‘s Content Specialist, Alyssa Sanguinetti.


Don’t Bother Me: It’s Beer Week


A flight of beer from the 2013 Sacramento Beer Week (Photo courtesy of Bokeh Box and Mark E Loper Photography).

In case you’ve been living under a rock, today, Thursday February 27 marks the start of Sacramento Beer Week! Having never celebrated Beer Week myself, I can’t wait to check out some of the amazing events that are happening all week long. Dozens of breweries, restaurants, and bars will host special events during this festive week and there is something going on for all beer lovers. Below are a few fun events that caught my eye, as well as my beer-hungry stomach!


A sneak peak at some of the amazing vehicles that will be on display at the Sacramento Brewer’s Showcase. Admission into the event includes unlimited beer tasting, bites, and live music. (Photo courtesy of the Sacramento Automobile Museum).

Sacramento Beer Week officially kicks off with the Sacramento Brewers Showcase at the California Automobile Museum. Attendees will be able to taste beers made exclusively for Beer Week and get the chance to vote for your favorite to win a People’s Choice Award! Local band, The Bathtub Gins, will perform live honky tonk while guests can taste delicious beer from more than 25 breweries from Sacramento County and beyond. Personally, I can’t wait to get a Liquid Sunshine Blonde Ale from the Hoppy Brewing Company in hand as I admire the more than 150 classic cars the Automobile Museum has on display!

Sacramento Brewers Showcase details:
Thursday, February 27 @ 6pm (VIP Hour 5pm-6pm)
California Automobile Museum


Another Beer Week event that caught my attention is the Annual Beer Crawl in Old Sacramento. If you’re like me and are on a budget, this event is perfect for you! The crawl features seven craft beers at seven different venues for only $10. There’s no particular order in which you have to move from venue to venue, and several restaurants will have entertainment throughout the night. But don’t forget to eat! Just because it’s called a Beer Crawl doesn’t mean we want to see you on your hands and knees.

Annual Beer Crawl details:
Thursday, March 6 @ 7pm
Old Sacramento


The Capitol Beer Fest will feature more than 300 varieties of beer, live music, and delicious food to close out the 2014 Sacramento Beer Week. (Photo courtesy of Bokeh Box and Mark E Loper Photography).

Closing out Sacramento Beer Week is the Capitol Beer Fest at Capitol Mall. More than 100 craft breweries, including EVERY Sacramento brewery, will be serving more than 300 different varieties of high-quality beer. I can’t think of a better way to end the week than with delicious food provided by SactoMofo food trucks, live music by Rachel Steele & Road 88, beautiful scenery — and, oh yeah, plenty of beer. I can already taste Lost Coast Brewery’s Great White Ale on my lips, and boy am I excited!

Capitol Beer Fest details:
Sunday, March 9 @ 2pm (VIP Hour 1pm-2pm)
Capitol Mall

So whether you consider yourself a beer aficionado or are just curious about the region’s craft beer scene, Sacramento Beer Week is the event for you! To read more about my highlighted events or to see more Sacramento Beer Week events, click here.

This blog post was written by Sacramento365.com‘s Content Specialist, Alyssa Sanguinetti.

Rocking ‘n’ Rolling into 2014: Buddy–The Buddy Holly Story


A jumping and jiving Todd Meredith as Buddy Holly (Photo by Hilary Camilleri)

Sacramento’s Community Center Theater transformed to a ‘50s rockabilly party on Friday, December 27 at the opening of the Broadway Sacramento’s Buddy—The Buddy Holly Story. The beautiful venue was packed with people of all ages to experience the life and sounds of the late rock ‘n’ roll pioneer.

Not only was Buddy a beautifully performed musical, but it was also a live concert with more than 15 performances of Holly hits including “Peggy Sue,” “Oh Boy,” and “That’ll Be The Day.” Todd Meredith was spectacular as the kind-hearted and confidently nerdy Holly. He played him perfectly from the musician’s twangy voice to his quirky mannerism under those famously thick glasses.

The first half of the musical focused on Holly’s quick rise to fame. Born and raised in Texas, he and his band The Crickets struggled to get out of the country music genre to focus on what they were truly passionate about: rock and roll music. After getting out of a contract with Decca Records, The Crickets moved onto a new label where they created most of their biggest hits. The second half delved deeper into his personal life, retelling his speedy proposal to Maria Elena Santiago, the breakup of The Crickets and, of course, ending with the tragic plane crash that took his life. It wasn’t all sad though! The writers did an excellent job of interjecting little bits of humor to keep the audience roaring with laughter.

Perhaps the best part of the night was watching how much fun the cast had together on stage. The talented bunch played their own instruments and had the audience on their feet singing along with them. At the end of the night, the cast performed one final jam session, earning them a well-deserved standing ovation.

Whether you’re the biggest Buddy Holly fan in the world, or you hardly know of him, everyone should see this musical. People from all generations should learn about Buddy Holly, a man whose short-lived career influenced so many music legends after him.

Don’t miss out this musical sensation! You can still see Buddy—The Buddy Holly Story at the Community Center Theater on Dec 31st & Jan 1 at 8pm and Jan 2 at 2pm & 8pm. For more details, click here.

Blog post written by Sacramento365.com writer and intern, Alyssa Sanguinetti.

Farm-to-Fork Festival: Serving Up Fresh Food in the Capital City

One of the many produce and tasting tents at the Farm-to-Fork Festival. Photo courtesy of SaveMart Twitter account.

One of the many produce and tasting tents at the Farm-to-Fork Festival. Photo courtesy of SaveMart Twitter account.

The Farm-to-Fork Festival held Saturday, Sept. 28, brought local producers, restaurants and residents together to share their ideas, questions, and commonalities. There was everything from local food trucks and live music to a petting zoo and a honey display with live (and contained) bees! The Capitol Greens were transformed into a three block mecca of all things fresh, fun, and local. The festivities were not only about the delicious delights that Sacramento has to offer, but there was also a chance to learn about how the Farm-to-Fork movement is benefiting our great community–like how the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services purchases and accepts donations of fresh food from several local farms, that enables them to provide better, healthier options to the people of our community. Patrick Mulvaney, Head Chef and Owner of Mulvaney’s B&L, gave a mozzarella pulling demonstration, and while the elements didn’t prove to be as participative as the great chef, guests had a chance to hear from one of Sacramento’s most well-respected restaurateurs. As samples of the delectable cheese were passed to viewers skewered alongside mini-heirloom tomatoes he said, “…everyone deserves a shot at fresh food…” and I think Sacramento agrees.

Blog post written by Sacramento365.com intern, Tiffani D’Angelico

60 Faces of Our Food Culture: An exhibit of local farmers & chefs

60faces-1-webflyerDonned in white t-shirts, jeans or shorts, and all their natural glory, Sacramento farmers and chefs one by one make their way up the porch steps of photographer Janine Mapurunga to get their portraits taken. They are subjects for an enticing new project aptly named Sacramento Farmers and Chefs (SF&C). Rather than simply document the work that the farmers & chefs do with candid shots, Mapurunga strives to expose the people behind the food through very structured studio portraiture. This project has evolved to elicit an entire exhibit dedicated to these images called 60 Faces of Our Food Culture. To better understand the vision behind this project, I sat in on one of her final photo shoots and got some answers.

Janine explained that she learned the value and traditions of using fresh, natural ingredients at a young age living with her Grandmother in Northeastern Brazil. Her experiences as a child cultivated a life-long passion for preserving the personal connection between food and people, and the cooking that commences. In 2004, this path led to her to meet and work with Patrick Mulvaney, of Mulvaney’s B&L on a project highlighting where the food served at his restaurant comes from called “The Farmer Series.” This gave Janine a glimpse of the local food scene and allowed her to meet many farmers and chefs in Sacramento.

She spent a few years in Spain & Italy and returned to Sacramento in early 2012 feeling tremendously happy, inspired and re-connected with the farmers and chefs she had met before. From there she began developing documentary projects based the connections between food, business, and cultivating community. It was from there that Sacramento Farmers and Chefs (SF&C) was conceptualized.

Rather than simply document the farmers & chefs with candid shots of their work, she wanted to expose the people behind the food more intimately, to tell their story. “As a documentary photographer, I capture what is there rather than create situations; I don’t pose people.” Hence, in SF&C, Mapurunga centers on nothing but the faces of her subjects. In an attempt to expose their personality, they are stripped of their uniforms and all uniformly clad in white t-shirts for a black & white photo. This emphasizes their natural appearance representative of the food movement to which these farmers and chefs have dedicated their work.

Shooting Zach and Grant. Photo by Lauren Luedtke

Shooting Zach and Grant. Photo by Lauren Luedtke

Having the pleasure of witnessing a moment in the creation of this exhibit I saw the power of this project and the swelling growth of the Sacramento food industry in its midst. During the time I was there, she photographed Chefs Adam Pechal (Tuli), and Adam Blaskovich (Drewski’s); Winemakers Zach Bryant, and Grant Hemingway (Picnic Wine Co); and Farmer Emma Torbett (Cloverleaf Farm).

Grant of Picnic Wine Co. Photo by Lauren Luedtke

Grant of Picnic Wine Co. Photo by Lauren Luedtke

Although Mapurunga began Sacramento Farmers and Chefs months before the announcement of Sacramento as the Farm to Fork Capital, they prove to work together harmoniously. In this exciting new exhibit 60 Faces of Our Food Culture Janine Mapurunga strives to bring an awareness of not only the growing local Farm to Fork movement but the faces of the people who make it so. 

Most importantly, Mapurunga explains that she wants people to walk away from this exhibit wondering about how we perceive those around us and in our community. With a book in the works featuring these portraits and interviews with the individual farmers and chefs, Mapurunga hopes to continue the project and elevate the concept of Farm to Fork- the way of life she was raised with- valuing the fresh and local bounty of agriculture you are surrounded by in your community.

Mapurunga says, “Ultimately I hope that Sacramento Farmers and Chefs can help us solidify a sense of community and recognize the value of what we can build if we are willing to work together.”

60 Faces of Our Food Culture will be September 14, 6pm-8pm at Suhn Fish. You can purchase tickets here.

Here are the final shots from that day (courtesy of Janine Mapurunga):

The sizzling art of Flamenco dance hits Sacramento

Flamenco dancer Savannah Fuentes. Photo by Tito Fuentes.

Flamenco dancer Savannah Fuentes. Photo by Tito Fuentes.

In an intimate black box theatre in West Sacramento Savannah Fuentes and her musical duo, comprised of Jesus Montoya and Bobby de Sofia, created a night of fast-moving fun on their Girasoles Summer Flamenco Tour. Having never seen Flamenco live it was truly a treat as this artistic trifecta worked so effortlessly off one another, transferring a fantastic energy to the audience and keeping me hooked with every strum of the guitar and move of the feet.

Before the dancing had even begun the audience was treated to a musical introduction courtesy of Montoya and Sofia. The intertwining of Montoya’s strong vocals with Sofia’s beautiful and skillful guitar playing brought out the Flamenco spirit in everyone, especially with the occasional “olé” from Montoya. As Fuentes entered the stage she moved with such grace, making each step artistic. But as the movement picked up I found myself captivated by the quick stamps and kicks of the feet and the fluidity of the arms, the movement of which was an art form in itself. Between the exciting music, the beauty and intensity of Fuentes’ dance, and not to mention the gorgeous and constantly changing outfits of the evening, this night succeeded in showing Flamenco in its true glory.

With simply a singer, a guitarist, and a dancer these three were able to make a night of excitement and showcase the fun and fiery art that is Flamenco dance. Don’t miss out on the next opportunity to see this event. Olé!

Little restaurants, big flavor: small eateries in Sacramento

A chef prepares a sandwich at Juno's Kitchen. Photo via junoskitchen.com.

A chef prepares a sandwich at Juno’s Kitchen. Photo via junoskitchen.com.

Looking for a delicious local restaurant with the intimate setting to make you feel right at home? Then you certainly will not want to miss these little Sacramento favorites. Despite their physical tininess, these restaurants prove they’ve got the food to make them stand up and out, all the while providing you with a comfortable place to eat, drink, and relax.

Café Rolle (5357 H Street): Who knew there was a little piece of Paris situated in East Sac? At this small restaurant you’ll find all the intimacy of a true French café, along with delicious authentic eats served by owner, chef, and France native William Rolle. And for your trip to France I can suggest none other than the traditional French favorite Croque Monsieur (ham and cheese sandwich), which will satisfy any appetite and have you speaking French before you know it.

Juno’s Kitchen (3675 J Street): Take exciting, unique food and a comfortable ambience and you have Juno’s Kitchen. While the restaurant holds few tables inside, the real pleasure comes from dining outdoors which makes for a great eating experience in the Sacramento summer, and if you’re lucky you may just spot owner Mark Helms’ dog Juno. A couple of my personal favorites are the Grilled Chicken Sandwich and the Banh Mi, made with fresh in-store-baked bread, making for a meal that can’t be beat.

Kru (2516 J Street): If you’re like me and always on the lookout for a good sushi restaurant then look no further! Kru is a small and trendy Japanese style restaurant giving their unique take on traditional Japanese cuisine, from sushi and hand rolls to beef, chicken, and pork plates galore. Whether you like their delicious sesame chicken or the delectable spicy tuna Krazy Kali roll you’re sure to have found a great comfortable restaurant for any night out.

Shoki I/Shoki II Ramen House (2675 24th Street & 1201 R Street): You can truly never have enough noodles, which is why the owners of Shoki Ramen House decided to open a second location. No matter which restaurant you go to you’ll find a warm setting, complete with mouthwatering ramen made any way you like. If you’re looking for a little spice with your noodles then I suggest Tsuke Men, with just the right amount of flavor and kick you may want to try all the noodles!

From French to American to Asian-inspired cuisine these little Sacramento restaurants prove they are small yet mighty, and while the restaurant itself may not grow the success of these eateries surely will. Try one out before your next night on the town!