Pretty Trashy: Art of the Dumpster

Art of the Dumpster Instagram

Foreground: Brenda Louie’s “Rivers United Series.” Background: Mark Emerson’s “Trash Talk.” (Photo by Jamila B. Khan)

It’s known that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, but this summer’s Art of the Dumpster exhibit takes this idea to another level.

Commissioned by Power Inn Alliance and curated by the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission, this collaborative project showcases the talents of 10 local emerging artists on a very unusual canvas – massive 22 foot long dumpsters. Participating artists include Brenda Louie; Nathan Cordero; Waylon Homer; John Berger; Gioia Fonda; Jim Piskoti; Mark Emerson; Joy Bertinuson; Robert Ortbal; and Susan Silvester.

During last night’s preview party, we got the chance to see these larger-than-life pop-art masterpieces in the flesh. Bold, colorful and abstract, the dumpsters encourage viewers to think critically about the notions of public space, the natural world, and even celebrity culture (Yes, even Miley Cyrus makes an appearance in the exhibit.) To say we were impressed would be an understatement.

Photos don’t do these beauties justice. See these artistic feats — and local food trucks — this 2nd Saturday, June 14 from 5pm-8pm. (Other 2nd Saturday celebrations are slated for July 12 and August 9 as well.) Easily accessible by car, bike and light rail, the public can also view the exhibit, located on 3101 Power Inn Road, sunup to sundown everyday June 14 through August 30.

For more information about the exhibit, visit the Art of the Dumpster exhibit page on


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