Words that feed the soul: Poets Showcase 2013 leaves audiences in awe of artistry

A poet reads during the Poets Showcase at Rail Bridge Cellars Penthouse Lounge. Photo by Prince Christopher Photography.

A poet reads during the Poets Showcase at Rail Bridge Cellars Penthouse Lounge. Photo by Prince Christopher Photography.

I must confess, the last time I heard poetry read aloud was in my high school class. It was a mandatory assignment — not only were we assigned to write a book of poetry, but we had to select our favorite ones to read aloud to the class. Some students really got into the assignment and took to performing their poetry almost naturally, others were actors and hence it was a part of their craft, meanwhile others struggled to spill their personal thoughts out to a room of their peers. I was one of the latter, and hence, when I attended last Friday’s Poets Showcase, I was in awe of every single poet that read, or should I say, performed their poetry.

It’s certainly one thing to creatively assemble a group of words that read like lyrics from one of the most beautiful songs you have ever heard, it is another to read them with passion. Not to mention to read those very words to a room of mostly strangers. I was, proudly, one of those strangers, and yet, in a way, I wasn’t that strange. I mean to say, I wasn’t a complete stranger. I too, have poured my heart’s dreams, desires, and laments into a poem; but to read it aloud, facing the very feelings I had enough trouble getting out of my mind? That takes some serious courage, and a strong sense of self. Therefore, I was further in awe, when the poets that took turns standing in front of us shared their beautiful works of art — carefully unwrapping each gift of delicately, passionately assorted words.

The Poets Showcase is an event I’d attend every week. The experience was, as noted, beautiful but also spiritual and soulful. I felt a part of a room full of souls just like mine — filled with longing, love, passion, and sometimes, pain. Sometimes you need to be reminded that you’re human, and it is, in fact, a beautiful thing that we often overlook.

The venue was stunning, the musicians were unexpected but delightfully welcomed, and the wine was a true delight. Let me tell you, I am not a sophisticated wine drinker, but the bartender was incredibly patient with me as I pestered him with questions about the wine available. He eventually served me an incredible glass of white wine (also known as Rail Bridge Cellars’ Lattice “Le Blanche” White Blend). All in all, I wouldn’t have changed the experience one bit. It is a must see event and while you’re there, don’t forget to take in spectacular views of our beautiful city. The Rail Bridge Cellars Penthouse Lounge at the Elks Tower holds some breathtaking views of Sacramento and watching the sunset from high above the city streets was truly something else.

The Poets Showcase continues Fridays in April, which is also National Poetry Month. The events take place from 8pm-11pm at the Rail Bridge Cellars Penthouse Lounge. Tickets are $30-$40 and can be purchased online.

Sacramento: Are you Naughty or Nice?

Photo by Jonathan G. Meath under Creative Commons

Photo by Jonathan G. Meath under Creative Commons.

With Christmas just around the corner, we have very little time left to rectify our place on Santa’s “Naughty or Nice” list. Whether you’ve been a good little human or a bad little human, the time to decide how you will behave for the rest of the year is now! What will you choose?

Naughty: Spend your afternoon on Saturday, December 15 wine tasting at the top of the Elks Tower in a penthouse lounge! These tastings, hosted by Rail Bridge Cellars, feature eight different wines and a beautiful view of the Sacramento skyline. I’ll admit that getting down on some delicious wine at Noon isn’t really all that naughty, but it might just put you in a naughty mood for the rest of the day.

Nice: Spend the morning of Saturday, December 15 schmoozing jolly old St. Nick himself! The best way to get Santa back on your good side is to have a nice conversation over Breakfast With Santa. It just so happens that Father Christmas will be at the Discovery Museum Science & Space Center eating pancakes this Saturday! So get to it. Heck, maybe you can even bring your kid.

Naughty: Watch a film called Santa vs. Satan next Thursday, December 20. This holiday classic will be showing at the Grange Performing Arts Center, hosted by Movies on a Big Screen. I’m not sure exactly how Kris Kringle is portrayed in this film but something tells me he isn’t going to be happy about it. This is a surefire way to get put on the naughty list.

Nice: Spend next Thursday, December 20 at the Sacramento Zoo and donate an item to their Food & Toy Drive. The Zoo will be raising donations for the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services and Toys for Tots with the help of 101.9 The Wolf. This is for the children! Santa will be so proud.

Naughty: Attend the Naughty X-Mas party at The Park Ultra Lounge next Saturday, December 22. Need I say more?

Nice: Attend a showing of Reindeer Revolution at Chautauqua Playhouse next Saturday, December 22. This play, geared toward children, is about a reindeer going through a Christmas crisis. Santa loves it when you support his reindeer!

I’ve laid out the choices for you my dear folks. Happy holidays to all! I hope you make the right choice.

Sac365’s Top 10 Events: Week of Nov 12

West Coast Ragtime Festival

The 26th Annual West Coast Ragtime Festival takes place Friday, November 16 through Sunday, November 18 at the Clarion Inn & Conference Center Arden Village.
Photo courtesy of West Coast Ragtime Society.

Our Top 10 this week gives you 10 reasons to love Sacramento (who couldn’t?!). This week I’m particularly excited about checking out the Reader’s Theater performance of Craigslist ads at the Central Library tonight. My fourteen-year-old self is also pretty stoked to hear that Everclear is still on tour and coming to town on Thursday. And, it’s time for another Reason to Party — this time at the Elks Tower — which offers unlimited booze with your entry, and the money goes to a good cause (Verge Center for the Arts).

See what else is happening this week in our complete Top 10 Events, and sign up here to receive the Top 10 in your inbox every Monday at Noon.

Evening Recap: Midtown Cocktail Week Gala

View of the Midtown Cocktail Week Gala: Jigger and Spoon, held in the basement of the historic Elks Tower in Sacramento, California. Photo by Alison Kranz, Sacramento365.com Assisting Editor.

View of the Midtown Cocktail Week Gala: Jigger and Spoon, held in the basement of the historic Elks Tower in Sacramento, California.
Photo by Alison Kranz, Sacramento365.com Assisting Editor.

I went to a pool party last night. Yes, an indoor pool party. And yes, a pool party without water in the pools. Where is such a place, you ask? In the bottom of the historic Elks Tower in Sacramento.

The basement of the building  was transformed into an elegant setting for Midtown Cocktail Week’s first annual gala event: Jigger & Spoon. The drained pool served as a dance floor, and empty hot tubs served as lounge areas. Drinks flowed, the photobooth snapped, and people chattered. What a fun way to spend an evening in Sacramento! See more photos of this hidden Sacramento gem in the slideshow below.

Midtown Cocktail Week 2012: A Spirited Debate continues through this Sunday.

Upcoming events include:
Thursday, Aug 23 (tonight!):
Bunga Bunga Party at Hot Italian

Friday, Aug 24:
Repeal Prohibition: Highly-Styled 1920s Cocktail Rally at Grange

Saturday, Aug 25:
All Hands on Deck: Classic Summer Cocktails at Faces
Punching Out at the Governor’s Mansion

Sunday, Aug 26:
Home Bartender 101 at Restaurant Thir13een
A Southern Soiree at The Golden Bear

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