Get to Know June Featured Artist Maren Conrad

Profile Crop“Beware of artists: they mix with all classes of society and
therefore are the most dangerous.”

This month met up with one of Sacramento’s most sought out artists, Maren Conrad. Best known for striking metal leaf and layered resin paintings, her work, inspired by her subconscious, connects to universal truths and experiences through text and delicate koi fish and feathers designs. She’s also known for famously ruffling a few figurative feathers with her censored “Politically Vulnerable” collection.

This June we encourage you to get to know Conrad’s dangerous mind and her plans to keep shaking up Sacramento’s art scene here.


Get to Know September Featured Artist Thomas Ramey

Sept2015ProfilePicYou might recognize our September Featured Artist from his epic dreadlocks or from your television set. Thomas Ramey, the sought-after sculpture/metalworking artist and occasional reality television design star, works to create high-quality furniture and architectural projects, many of which can be found in upscale homes and galleries across the country. Despite his many successes, Ramey’s ego is nothing like his larger-than-life artwork. The artist is as down-to-earth as it gets – and perhaps, a little too humble.

This month, it’s time to get personal with the guy who loves to spark up a lathe (metal cutting machine), rock out on bass, and pound vanilla milkshakes here.