What can I find here?

The Sacramento365.com blog is the blog portion of Sacramento365.comthe year-round source for Sacramento events, which serves to promote arts, cultural, and recreational events to residents and visitors.

Tune in here for fun insights and write-ups of Sacramento events. We have several regular columns and themes on the Sacramento365.com blog. These include:

5 under $5Five events to attend for $5/person or less.

Artsy Fartsy: 2nd Saturday, Preview Thursday, art exhibits, gallery shows, live painting, public art…you name it, we cover it here!

Changing Scenery: Welcome newcomers to town, or say goodbye to beloved spots.

Cheap Dates: A night out on the town for $20 or less. Who says time spent out of the house needs to be costly?

Event of the Day: There’s something happening every day of the week in Sacramento!

Faces of Sac365: Get to know our staff, interns, volunteers, and guest writers.

Featured Artists: Highlighting the vast amount and wide range of creative work happening in the Sacramento community.

Featured Organizations: Highlighting local arts organizations and businesses making a difference in the Sacramento community.

Intern Insights: Rotating columns by our trusty interns.

Local Essence: Although events pass by, these Sacramento spots are available year-round for your entertainment. Check them out!

Make It A Night: Read about eats, drinks, and sleeps worthy of a try, and then find these restaurants, bars, and hotels nearby events you’re attending. (You can use the Make It A Night feature on Sacramento365.com to speed the process!)

Music & Melodies: Who doesn’t love some good tunes? Sacramento’s music scene ranges from hip hop, rock, and pop to jazz, blues, soul, and more.

Top 6 Events: Get the run-down on the Top 6 Events happening every week in Sacramento.